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marginal_agora's Journal

A gathering place for people who feel marginalized
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All Members , Moderated
A virtual shopping mall where cool people from the margins hang.
This is a community for people who feel as if they are being pushed away into the outskirts or the shadows of mainstream society.

1 - This is a place for friendship. You can discuss just about anything. However,your posts should be under a LJ cut if they are over a few inches long. And they should be posted "Members Only".

2 - This is a place to empower you. If you need help with homework, ask here. If you have a painful problem, seek help here. If you need money, you can try to sell things here. Do NOT give out any personal information unless you have ABSOLUTE assurance that you can do so safely. It is highly suggested that you always remain anonymous.

3 - This is a place to be free from bullying. Anyone engaging in cyber-bullying will be vapourised and also banned from all my other communities.

4 - For safety, all posts should be posted "Members Only" - that is, the general public and non-members will not be able to read your posts.

5 - This is a place to educate each other about various disabilities and also about social difficulties in your personal lives. Extensive negative posts about anger, cutting, suicide, and so forth, will not be supported. If you find yourself wanting to make such extreme posts, then the thing to do is to seek professional, caring help.



Everyone is URGED to also join my crisis community: crisis_911!

See also: mobs_for_jobs, fascist_watch, o_c_c_u_p_y

You can also see more progressive communities at communities101!

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